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through in the morning hours but there's deeper cloud cover to the west producing showers in ohio and indiana and that's what's charging in our direction. we will eventually start to moisten up a little more. we will go from mid-50s and sun this morning. 6:51 sunrise and push it to a partly cloudy 70 degree afternoon and clouds stay with us much of the rest of the week. tanya. >> reporter: in harford county 95 southbound at mountain road we have an accident there. the off-ramp to get from southbound 95 to mountain road is closed so we have to go northbound and turn around. let's look at 95. this is on the southwest side in arbutus. 59 northbound traffic is flowing-- 95 northbound traffic is flowing freely. the ram to 695 westbound is open. 895 at harbor tunnel, the traffic is knoll freely. traffic to the right is going into the tunt -- traffic is flowing freely. traffic to the right is going into the tunnel. police are retracing the
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final hours of robyn gardner. her travel companion gary giordano is the lead suspect and this morning abc2's carin redmond is standing by. >> reporter: the lead investigators say the purpose of today's reenactment is to get a better understanding of the exact moments of gardner and gary giordano. she went missing on august 2nd. last place she was seen alive was on a isolated beach in aruba. at least two eyewitnesses will be part of the reenactment which will retaste the movements of the pair and shed line on incould have sift nsies in jeeror dano's story. multiple sores says he was asked to -- sours say he was asked to -- sources say giordano was asked to cooperate but he refused. he has insisted he is innocent and currently being held in an
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arubean jail. news from around the nation. the driver of a drag boat washospitalized after the boat exploded and broke apart during a qualifying heat for the annual san diego bay fair. look at the boats. they are going in excess of 200 miles an hour on the water. one driver lost control and his boat end up in pieces. rescuers quickly came to the boater's aid and he was hospitalized and listed in fair condition this morning. friday night lights turned into friday night fights. they showed up to fight and high school footballers started to throw punches in sharon, pennsylvania on ohio pennsylvania state line in the northwest part of the state. it broke out with ten minutes left in the 4th quarter. why? mixed up in the brawl people trying to break things up and referees that got knocked to the ground. the game was called to an end after the fight. the head ref plans to show the video to the state this morning or tuesday disciplinary action is likely. well, no one is re it's goi
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the scientists says it will happen this week. they are saying a giant satellite is going to crash to the earth. how did it happen and what are the chances of you being hit by it? we have odd comparisons on this coming up and also we know puppies are curious and playful, but how did this little puppy get stuck in a teeny spot -- tiny pot and more importantly how -- spot and more importantly how to get him out. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland." a giant satellite will begin plunging to earth. nasa says it will happen friday gib or take a day or two. they expect more than two dozen pieces shall gsh -- give or take a day or two. they expect more than two dozen pieces to hit the earth. where and when is anyone he's guess. the chances of a person being hit by a piece of space debris is one in 3200. the 6ton space satellite is nasa's up -- 6-ton space satellite was lawn inched 1991 -- launched in 1991 and decommissioned when it ran out of fuel. justin yo are shaking your head. i -- you are shaking your head.
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i did research during the commercial break. 1 in 3200. >> i question that number. >> okay. >> that seems pretty height. >> odds of bowling a 300 game 1 in 11,000. you've better chance of being hit by space debris than bowling a perfect game. injury from mowing one in 3500. >> i want to check that. mowing. about the same to mow. get injured mowing as it is to get hit by space debris. >> just saying. >> charley did the research. i won't argue requestw you like the dr. oz thing. >> i am quoting nasa. >> all right. we have 53 in centerville but i talked about the cool pocket. northeast bel air 49 right now. and that's because of the clear skies here in that section of maryland a little more cloud cover at least high thin clouds which prevents all of that heat from escaping back into space overnight a little thermal blanket is why it's 5 # in
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reisterstown and westminster. woodbine 54 and warmer in frederick at 55. wind flow is going to be a very important factor this week. and as we check out the forecast watch the winds go east to southeast. and that dominant wint pattern keeps clouds locked in play and that's why we expect to have ourselves a bunch of cloudy days and maybe showers through the upcoming week. ep joy-- enjoy the morning sun. and 6:51 sunrise should take us to a partly cloudy afternoon. we may lose the sun late in the day after reaching the two degree guaranteed high of 70. tanya. >> reporter: crane highway south at veteran's highway we have an accident in the cleanup stages. almost 50 westbound there is an accident in the right lane there. so stay to the left if you can. let's look out there and see how things are moving along. this is 95 at 175. most our traffic southbound but no issues to report as you make your way from dorsey to savage. the outer loop at harford road is moving pretty well. very light traffic on the inner
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loop. outer loop is heavier. but no incidents in your way. charley. >> well, it was a rough day for a texas puppy what was saved after falling into a crack in the ground. that crack was about 4 inches wide and 3 feet deep. it opened up because of the drought. they called 911 in panic. >> i was upset it's a baby puppy he's in the hole and they were like calm down. and i said my son is crying it's his puppy my thought it was going to die at first. >> you can barely see the head of the dog. it took rescuers about 20 minutes to get the dog free. dearthy fur still crying but unhurt. okay he is cute. she overcame lung cancer but passed away during the past weekend. coming, the only daughter of the late senator ted kennedy dies. what happened to her at the age of 51. linda. >> reporter: and we are learning more about the victims from the deadly air show crash in reno. i am linda so. what some believe the pilot did to avoid a bigger catastrophe.
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now out good morning maryland." -- now "good morning maryland gloit deadliest air show disafter the earth country
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has seen. 9 people dead and 70 others injured. this morning we are learning more about the victims and the pilot and linda so is here with the details. >> reporter: the pilot was killed in the crash. he was 74-year-old jimmy leeward. his facebook page shows a picture of him. some spectator at the air show believe he was trying to avoid a greater tragedy. his plane narrowly missed the grandstand where thousands were watching. a 22-year-old man from phoenix was also killed in that crash. michael logan was there with his dad as part of a father and son vacation. he had muscular dystrophy and was bound to a wheelchair. he had just graduated from arizona state. another man who was there he was injured and described what happened. >> a second later, the thingcrashes right behind me and i get -- all i remember is i am trying to run and i see stuff coming and then that is the last thing i remember.
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it makes you appreciate to be alive and that's the first thing i can say is i got extremely lucky. >> reporter: about 70 people were injured when the plane crashed and investigators will be going through data recovered from the plane to try to determine what caused it to go down. linda so, abc2 news. a plane crashed in west virginia in martinsburg as well. the pilot was killed and according to the people on the ground there, no one else washurt. it was part of a 6-plane formation. two were belly to belly after splitting and one crashed into a ball of fire. federal officials there on the scene are investigating the crash. after a long battle with brain cancer, eleanor mondale died. she is the daughter of former advise press -- president -- vice-president walter mondale. she died early saturday. her career included acting and tv shows including dynasty and three's company and worked for
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radio and television. her father was vice-president under jimmy carter. she is survived by her husband, parents and two brothers. kara kennedy died of a heart attack friday. she was also 51 years old. and in 2009 she accepted the presidential medellal of freedom on -- medal of freedom on behalf of her father. she was diagnose with lung cancer in 2003 but overcame disease. she is survived by her husband two children and brothers patrick and edward kennedy junior. the funeral for her is set for this wednesday. run off in the bay changed the site but didn't stand in the way of swimmers of the second annual swim across america. more than 200 swimmers took part in the one mile swim sunday morning raising money for cancer prevention treatment and research. for many, it was a cause near and dear to them. organizers say the turnout was great and the money is for a great cause. >> all this money we raise today which we think will be over half a million dollars in
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year 2 of the swim goes to the swim across america lab at hopkins gley mong those on hand wyatt everhart. it was his second year jumping in for a cause. the maryland division of corrections says it is selling aels grown in the prison -- apples grown in the prison complex to the maryland food bank. they will deliver some of the food today. a spokesman says the inmates harvested 2,000 bushels of apples from 1200 trees and they will be sold for 10/10 the retail market value. they are working up a sweat outside balmmore county for -- baltimore county for another cause. hundreds hit the pavement for sewsie's cause. runners and walkers laced up their shoes raising money for outreach programs for colon cancer. theme was all about saluting the survivors. and the stars were out for the biggest night sunday. 63rd prime time emmy awards. it was the evening of drama
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comedy and winning if you were on the show modern family that walked away with five awards. among them julie bowen for best supporting actress and her tv husband and one for best supporting actor and for overalloutstanding comedy series. >> we are showing the world that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a loving committed relationship between an old man and a hot young woman. >> amen to that. a new season of modern family starts this wednesday at 9 here on abc2. it's an hour long season premier. also last night charlie sheen appeared to give away one of the awards and uncharacteristically calm. shocking. he wished the cast of two and half men well and said they would continue a great thing with the cbs hit show. well, the 13th season of dancing with the stars is debuting tonight. the feature has 12 pairs of
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celebrities professionals and brand new ballroom. among the cast, basketball star ron artest robert kardashian and tv personality nancy grace and tune in tonight at 8 on abc2 for the season premier of the 13th installment of "dancing with the stars." the national weather service confirmed a funnel cloud that caused damage to buildings and cars in ocean city was a tornado. it was of the lowest ranking on the scale. ate began as a water spout and came to land on 75th streetdamage included broken windows and ripped up home siding. and that storm is stronger over the water and weakened as it hit 75th street. we will analyze the video to see how strong it was. it's hard to determine because there's no debris pattern to be shown since it was over the water. 54 in baltimore. 60 in cleveland. 64 detroit. and the general theme is that
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there's a little warmup back to the west and i wanted to show you this great lakes view because it highlights the fact that typically where the cooler weather comes from this time year they are warmer than us. a sign of what's slipping in our direction. a frontal boundary is active and energy to the north is plooking in sol -- locking in solid rain. michigan and wisconsin and northern illinois and northern indiana into ohioch the thinks be -- ohio. system will move into our direction and put the brakes on. our forecast model here this is just one of many computer model. this one actually paring down on the lower end of our rain threat but that will be there back into the mountain later today. and that throws clouds our way. so we expect to have sun and a mix of high clouds eventually the sun will fade out but we should have temperatures warming up over the next few days. pulling in the south eastern wind ahead of the system. when we head into tomorrow morning, and give our take the time with a grain of salt there will be showers that do line up. we could wake up with some wet
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weather as we go through tomorrow morning. and while you will notice not much action around central maryland, through the forecast period on wednesday morning, i do expect we will be in the general range of scattered showers and because of that south eastern wind is piled up a flood watch at least along the western shores and bay because that wind tends to slosh the water a little bit. if you live this you know what you're susceptible to. we are expecting the cloudiness stuck around and we will warm things up and almost a humid type of feel to the week on this last week of summer. temperatures slowly do warm up. 70 today. and tonight, there -- the clouds will hold the temperatures back to 62. compared to the 50s and 40s we have had the last couple mornings, this one won't be that bad. checking out the forecast for the rest of the week, notice i highlighted scattered showers and storms every day. doesn't mean we will get a washout and doesn't mean you will get wet. but they will be some activity firing up on the radar screen just about each day this week
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in central maryland. a hit or miss variety and perhaps much like getting hit with a space object more miss. we are looking for temperatures from the mid-70s to the 80s. friday the of fall. 77 and we will follow back down into the 70s next week. low 70s on the weekend. and saturday and sunday looks like a little more sunshine. let's see what's happening at 5:51. here tanya. >> reporter: harford county, we have accident cleanup going on. 95 southbound at mountain road. off-ramp is closed so you have to turn around and go northbound to get off at mountain road. the outer loop is our heavy traffic right now at frederick road on the beltway. no incidents -- beltway. no incidents in your way. we are doing fine to the left of the screen is the outer loop and inner loop is moving fine as well. 95 at fort mchenry tunnel. traffic is flowing freely. traffic going into the tunnel to the left of the screen is the southbound traffic which is heavier right now. we also have an accident 50 westbound at bay bridge in the right lane. charley. 0 dollars a week that's
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what -- 30 dollars week that's what those on food stamp must use for grocery weekly. we will tell you about group volunteering to do the same to better understand the challenges. and president obama in new york today taking part in meeting with the u.n. what the president is going to be there talking about when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday morning. news time 5:52.
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u.s. accepttors ben carde and barbara mikulski will join elijah cummings announcing the john hopkins center prevention for youth violatence he. they received a grant for the fight against youth violence. they are work with the mayor's office and public schools and other organization implementing the measures. and the maryland food stamp challenge kicks off this week. those taking part will use $30 a week as budgeted for groceries over the course of 7 days through food stamps. scheduled events focus on challenges of those living with food stamps and for more go to md hunger and governor o'malley makes a announcement in prins georges
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county. anthony brown and pg county extechive will join governor o'malley at the carrollton station. president obama travels to new york city participating in the united nations general assembly. he will attend additional bilateral and multilateral means meetings and deliver remark on the clinton global initiative. amog agenda items, implementing job strategies for the unemployed. [audio not understandable] and a 9/11 remembrance led by michael bloomberg. have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments and look for help, scamers can be on the lookout for you. this morning scam alert the lawsuit they are using to try to get more money out of your pocket. and if you plan a fall trip why there may be in great deals out there for airlines. we will take a look. plus, a scottish terrier is 49,000 dollars richer. a dog.
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how one woman's pet took a bite out of her inherentans. we are back in a bit. keurig. everybody knows the best place for a good time is mississippi. and that's only until they visited us in louisiana. which is a distant second to sunny florida. for beautiful vacation, nothing beats alabama. ok, we'll never agree on who's best. but we can all agree on one thing. the gulf's the worlds number one vacation spot.
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and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. mississippi has wonderful people, great music, and the beautiful outdoors. louisiana's the best seafood you'll ever eat. shrimp gumbo, crab cakes, etouffee. florida means beautiful beaches and sugar white sands. actually experts agree that the best beaches are here in alabama. which can't compare to a good time on the gulf in mississippi. louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled.
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you are watching the station that works for you, "good morning maryland." a house explosion in brooklyn park sends one man to the hospital. i am sherley johnson, coming up, what firefighters say caused the explosion. investigators could be a step closer to learning what happened to robyn gardner. what authorities plan to do. keeping america afloat. today the president rolls out the deficit reduction plan. we will have details and if you qualify as a millionaire you may not be too happych details on this monday september 16th. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. let's get to it with a check of jue workweek forecast with

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